About Sheldon Levis

DUSTY DINGO PHOTOGRAPHY features the work of Australian photographer Sheldon Levis

Since being commissioned to photograph the INDOOR CRICKET WORLD CUP in New Zealand in 2002, and the WORLD INDOOR CRICKET MASTERS and UNDER 19 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, Sheldon has travelled extensively, gathering images from around the world. His work covers a diverse range of countries and cultures, including Croatia, Singapore, the United States (including Hawaii), Australia, Bali and Lombok, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

In addition to local commissioned work, Sheldon's photographs have appeared in newspapers in Croatia, South Africa, United Kingdom, India and Sri Lanka; in several books on the history of the Guildford/Swan area of Perth, Australia; Indoor Cricket advertising and marketing materials in New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom, and are increasingly in demand for Asian-related travel publications. He was also a contributing photographer to the 2007 Western Australian Museum's "Howzat!" Cricket and Ashes exhibition, and his photographs grace the pages of many indoor-cricket related websites around the world. Sheldon's pioneering, award-winning collection of indoor-cricket photographs, especially of the 2002 World Cup and World Masters/Under 19s, are featured on the Indoor Cricket World site.

Since 2007, through the involvement of his children, Sheldon has also built up an extensive portfolio of Gymnastics and Australian Cheerleading photographs, including work from international competitions in the United States, Singapore and Hawaii (yes, we know Hawaii is part of the USA, but we think it deserves its own mention). Sheldon also participates in and covers local traditional Tae Kwan Do activities, holding (as of late 2016) the rank of 1st Kup.

Sheldon's work is represented mainly by Getty Images. He also had work with Corbis Images, most of which has now moved over to Getty, and has a large portfolio of photographs with UK-based stock agency Alamy, including Alamy's exclusive Commercial Collection