2011 Classic Car Show

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I grew up in Kalgoorlie.
My Grandfather had an Austin A40. I remember to this day what that car smelled like, what the steering wheel looked like, the door handles and the seats and the window-winders--all the important bits. But I can't for the life of me remember the car's colour.
We at various times had a Holden FJ, Ford Anglia, and a Morris 1000, and someone closely related, I think, had a huge Pontiac of some vintage.
I remember bits of all of them, but not the whole package of any of them. I remember what they looked like from a child's height, what interesting little bits of them felt like, what they looked like if you squinted and tilted your head.
And that's how I best see cars through my camera. I am readily and happily distracted by the little bits everyone bypasses as they inspect the engine, marvel at the wheelbase, shake their heads at the horsepower.
Unfortunately, but understandably, it's hard getting close and intimate with cars at a static car show, where the owners have to guard against careless bumps and scrapes and fiddles. But I still try . . . what you occasionally see here are some echoes of a child from long ago telling this boring old adult, hey, come away from the flash duco, look at this detail, and this, and this. Not a lot of flash "portraits" of cars here I'm afraid, but lots of my eye-squinted, head-tilted distractions.
I hope some of you understand. And I hope all of you find something to enjoy.

All these photos were taken at the 2011 Classic Car Show at Whiteman Park, Caversham, Western Australia.
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